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KUT-KUTX Fan pack Texas Standard Socks KUTX T-Shirt
KUT-KUTX Fan pack
Price: $8.00
KUTX T-Shirt
Price: $20.00
Calling all public radio enthusiasts! With our new fan pack, you’ll receive a black beverage koozie, black retro motel key chain, and all of our favorite station stickers. Like we always say around here – You’re on Texas Standard time! What we are is what you get – The Austin Music Experience. This new KUTX t-shirt really captures the soul and passion of the Austin music scene. Designed by friend of KUT, Lauren Ibañez.
KUT T-Shirt KUT-KUTX Socks
KUT T-Shirt
Price: $20.00
Price: $20.00
Wake up with KUT Radio! Sending good radio vibes your way. Designed by friend of KUT, Lauren Ibañez. Nothing says Austin and Central Texas like music, grackles and bluebonnets!